Philatelist Tips

Hey Guyss, are you love to collect stamps? If so you come to the right place :p

I’m a very passionate stamps collector and for me stamps collecting is such as a very great hobby! Especially in my teen age to avoid drug, alcohol and free sex, so philately is a very nice hobby!

Now I want to show you some tips to collecting stamps, especially for you who was the beginer 😀

First step : # get the stuff
If you want to collect something especially stamps, definitely you need supporting goods such as,
• Pinset (easy to get and very cheap)
PS : buy a pinset with The tip is slightly flattened and not too sharp
• Magnifying Glass (easy to get and not too cheap)
You can get it at nearest book store, the type is different. You can buy the big one or the small one, I suggest to buy the small one to ease you to hold it
• Higed (in Indonesia its quietly hard to finds)
You can get it at philately store, this is needed when you use Album with picture
• Album (this is the main needs)
Of course you need it! Where you’ll save your collection if not in this book? Album also has many different type, the type is:

•• » Album with plastic barrier (can’t recharge)
This album is mostly used by beginer, We just inserted the stamps to the plastic barrier. I suggest if you collect more philatelic stuff such as Souvenir sheet or minisheet don’t use this ;). But if you just collect stamps is okay cause this album has a cheap value
•• » Album with plastic barrier (with recharge)
I use this album for my collection, we can choose what the type of the recharge sheet and the album can be recharge :D. I suggest you to choose this one cause this album also has a cheap value
•• » Album with picture
In my country (Indonesia) there’s no album like this. The type of album is, album use a title for a thematic year or theme, example : Indonesia (1949-1960), with pictures of stamps that issued on that year. If you found any stamps matched with the pict on the album you just can hinge it :). I never buy it so I don’t know so the value is.

P.S : if there’s someone who find another type of album and want to published here just E-mail me 😉

• Ultraviolet light
• Perforation Counter
• Plastic OP (for cover your stamps, although it have been placed on album)
• Catalouge
• NoteBook for your Journal

In above ^^^, it usually uses by a proffesional or Senior philatelist, the UltraViolet, perforation counter and catalouge has a quietly expensive prices

P.S : if there’s someone want to add something, such as a more stuff just E-mail me 😉 (about)

Second steps : #Quality
We’ve also have to seperate a good quality of stamps with UNgood quality of stamps.
Placed the good quality stamps not on the same album to avoid fungus spreading to the good quality stamps.

If you’re a very serious collector, you also can buy Plastic OPP to covered your stamps and strenghten with impulse sealer.

Third steps : #resource of stamps
We also need resources right? We can buy in a truth seller such as stamps shop or maybe another place that sell stamps, but not all of sellers can be trusted, becareful to the sellers who sell fake stamps!

To take care of it, we’ve to see how the sellers care the stamps, see their faces and ask them some questions, don’t be too lust to buy many stamps!. First buy some stamps and ask an expert to see if they’re fake or real. You also have to see the prices through the catalouge. If the price is too high the sellers was don’t know Philately so much. Or we can buy from our country post office, E-bay or another online shop 😉

Fourth steps : #BE PATIENT
Five steps : #GET A STAMPS FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY FRIEND (Barter, swap or exchanging)

Anyone want to add any extra information? Just E-mail me :p

Newest stamps news – Flora and Fauna 2013 stamps issued

Pos indonesia has issued a set of Stamps, Souvenir Sheet and First Day Cover with theme “Flora and Fauna 2013” on 05 November 2013. This is the 3rd times pos indonesia issued “Flora and Fauna” stamps every end of the year from 2011 till now.

• 1st stamps shown
Sago (Metroxylon sago) or similliar called sagu in Indonesia
• the 2nd stamps shown
Largetooth Sawfish (Pristis Microdon) or similliar called “Hiu Gergaji” in Indonesia

The FDC consist FDC SS and standard FDC. FDC SS is decorate by Souvenir sheet to replace stamps, FDC SS is more expensives than standard FDC because the Souvenir sheet and stamps is also has a different value.

More information :
Printing quantity : 300.000 sets
Price : Rp.2.500/pcs – 1/2 – Rp.5.000/sets Classification of stamps : Special
Printing procces : offset
Printing quantity : 4000 pcs
Price : Rp.12.500;
Printing quantity : 4000 pcs
Price : Rp.7.500;
•Souvenir Sheet
Printing quantity : 30000 sheets
Price : Rp.10.000;